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Our Mission

A welcome word from
the partners

Together we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) which are a set of 17 “Global Goals”, 169 targets, and 230 indicators. They are a standard for evaluating if progress is being made across the world to reduce poverty, improve quality of life, and realise aspirations of the masses of people towards development.

At Carib Housing, we find the following SDG's important:

#3: Good Health & Wellbeing
#11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
#12: Responsible Consumption and Production
#17: Partnerships for the Goals.
These SDG's are translated into Green Community development projects which we hope will become the next new standard of living.

What we do

Our vision and mission is to promote and execute sustainability and self-reliance among the people in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and throughout the Caribbean; something that is urgently needed after witnessing and experiencing the destructive 2017 hurricanes (climate change impact) and the COVID-19 pandemic.

We design and build affordable hurricane and earthquake challenged homes. Each home is individually designed to maximise space and light. Smart Home Technology can be installed in your home putting you in total control of your home at the touch of a button from wherever you might be.

We develop sustainable Green Communities that are self-sufficient and provides food security for its inhabitants. Our goal is to establish the Way of Eco Living by building the beneath mentioned amount of homes in the Green Communities spread over Sint Maarten and Aruba.

Tiny Houses Aruba
Tiny Houses Sint Maarten
Tiny Villas Sint Maarten
Eco Business Units Sint Maarten

Our Mission

Comfort but Affordagble Living

All home structures are built to withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and are fire resistant. 

Committed to Excellence

Applied building materials reduces utility costs and enhances longlivity of the Eco Home.  

Quality Service

We are committed to deliver an Eco Home of which generations will enjoy. 

Attention to Detail

It goes without saying. Our Eco Homes are designed to cater and grow with your lifestyle.