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Green Community Sint Maarten

The Keys village on Sint Maarten is working on bringing fort it’s first Green Community  and Eco Neighborhood. The focus is becoming THE green community while providing a low-cost, very affordable, primary residence or vacation home. Plans are for future residents to live in self-sufficient homes built to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes. These Eco Tiny Homes are built to be fire resistant and will provide own renewable energy sources (e.g., electricity, biogas). Each home is hooked up to a waste-management and waste-water management system which in turn is connected to surrounding landscaped “kitchen” gardens providing this little neighbourhood own and home-grown vegetables, herbs, flowers and various fruit. This project landscaped park combined with community gardens spans the entire location providing a getaway within the already gorgeous community. Greenhouses, solar panels, chicken coops, and any other green aspects are more than welcome in this community. It is our mission for all Tiny Homes to be net zero!

About the Neighborhood

This Eco Tiny Homes neighborhood located in The Keys, gives easy access to one of Sint Maarten main ring road called “Sucker Garden road”. Via this road reaching Philipsburg (capital city) and its harbour industry, companies and shopping district is just a 5 minute car drive. To reach both Airports (Dutch and French side) it’s a 20 minute car drive. The nearest beaches within a drive range of 5 – 15 minutes are Dawn Bay, Guana Bay, Great Bay, Little Bay, (Dutch side) and Le Gallion and Orient Bay (French side). Tiny Home residents will have access to several roof top terraces with absolute view of Philipsburg city-, the Salt Pond and Great Bay ocean. Besides being a suburb from Philipsburg, The Keys village has a mini-supermarket, a bakery, a hair salon, and a hostel (Guest House). At the Sucker Garden ring road there are several bars and restaurants with dancing options, supermarkets, car service garages, and car rental companies.

Eco Neighborhood location facilities

This location becomes a gated community facilitating kitchen-gardening, onsite services for housekeeping, maintenance,  private parking also furnished for electrical charged vehicles, kids playground combined with an outdoor workout court, and a community pool,

So, rather live with less stuff, have more freedom, create a smaller footprint while enjoying the eco focused and self-sufficient facilities on Sint Maarten? Our Green Community initiative in The Keys makes this and more possible!

Want to be part of Sint Maarten 1st Eco Neighborhood and Tiny Home Community?
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