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"Merriment Green"
Tiny House Community

In a residential area in The Keys village, Upper Prince's Quarter, in Sint Maarten Dutch West Indies, a 6000 m² / 64,500 ft² property called “Merriment Green” is being prepared to accommodate a Tiny House community.

At this location future residents will be living in self-sufficient tiny houses built to withstand the Sint Maarten climate and its nature's perils for this island lies in the hurricane belt. A selection of special designed tiny houses are sustainable built to be hurricane and earthquake challenged and fire resistant. The tiny homes are approximately 15 m² - 44 m² (161 ft² – 473 ft²) in size. The tiny villas are 60 m² - 74 m² '(646 ft² – 796 ft²) in size. All are creatively and resourceful designed to maximize space and light and provides own renewable energy sources (e.g. electricity, biogas) and hooked up to a waste-management and waste-water management system which in turn is connected to surrounding landscaped gardens providing this little community own and home-grown vegetables, herbs, flowers and various fruit. Each tiny house furnished with renewable energy sources will be equipped with Smart Home Technology.

The landscaped premisses with different sections and common areas for relaxation like the community pool, outdoor fitness and kids playground, special built BBQ outdoor kitchens, and The Keys Market which organizes local market events and its Food Court boasting a variety of national and international cuisines. This location will offer other facilities such as a common laundry room, parking lot equipped also for charging electrical vehicles, The Keys Market Garden and a Health & Wellness that functions as a shelter during hurricane season. The Keys Market Garden is set up as a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) section to provide fresh produce, fish and crustaceans which will be sold at local market events and or be processed by Food Vendors at the Food Court located at the entrance of the premises.

The focus at this “Green Community” location is on simple, environmentally conscious, healthy living with the option to do business at The Keys Market section.

Get on the Merriment Green selection list

If you are interested to become a resident at this initiative, it is mandatory to sign up to get on the list. Because the eco living philosophy and the limited spots planned for this location we have a selection procedure in place.  Candidates who want to live at one of our Green Communities will undergo this selection procedure to make sure that they match this concept of living. Selection starts with filling out this form: Signup Form Green Community Living. To get a better understanding about our concept please check out our Frequent Asked Questions page at FAQs.

Eco Neighbourhood "Merriment Green"


Equipped with beneath mentioned facilities makes Hofi Diamant an excellent location to cater your Eco Living needs.

Tiny Housing

18 spots available

Gated Community

Safety is paramount

Parking Place

Private parking for vehicles

Charging Vehicles

For electrical vehicles


Storage room for bicycles


Internet connection

Laundry room

Onsite laundry room equipped with washing machines

BBQ Areas

Built outdoor kitchens with BBQ grills

Community pool

Cool down, take a plunge

Public Transportation

The busstop is right accross the street

The Keys Market Gardens

Cultivation of veggies, herbs, fruit, flowers, fish and crustaceans

The Keys Market

Onsite local market and Food Court where vendors sell crafts, clothing, furnitures, accessories and variety of fresh cooked meals

Eco Workshop Learning Center

Workshops are organized in gardening and upcycling waste

Food Events

Food tasting events are organized


We apply the circular economy and recycle as much as possible

Fun Activities

Fun activities are organized on a regular basis for the community and kids


Eco Homes Plans

Eco Pod Aruba

  • Property ID Eco Pod Aruba
  • Bedrooms 1
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Area size 14.8 m2
  • Price $29,899
Eco Pod Aruba

Eco-Z One Aruba

  • Property ID Eco-Z One Aruba
  • Bedrooms 1
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Area size 29.6 m2
  • Price $52,100
Eco-Z One Aruba

Eco-Z Two Aruba

  • Property ID Eco-Z Two Aruba
  • Bedrooms 2
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Area size 44.3 m2
  • Price $ 55,500.-
Eco-Z Two Aruba

Eco Pod Sint Maarten

  • Property ID Eco Pod Sint Maarten
  • Bedrooms 1
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Area size 14.8 m2
  • Price $32,000
Eco Pod Sint Maarten

Eco Pod Texel

  • Property ID Eco Pod Texel
  • Bedrooms 1
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Area size 14.7 m2
  • Price $29,899
Eco Pod Texel

Green Community
Sint Maarten

If you prefer the Sint Maarten vibrant island atmosphere, have a look at our other Eco Village initiative. Set into the Sint Maarten country hillsides, this Green Community is just across the Great Pond from sweeping ocean sands, and a 5 minute scenic drive to the quaint streets of Philipsburg -Dutch side Capital. This location is destined to accommodate The Keys local market with Food Court and Commercial section, the Market Aquaponic and Hydrophonic Garden, Tiny House Apartments, Tiny Villa's with surrounded landscaped Food Forrests, a Kids Day Care and Playground, Parking lot also for charging electricity vehicles and a Health & Wellness Center.


Our experts are happy to answer all of your questions and find the best possible solution for the project you are working on.