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About our Concept

Carib Housings “Green Community” is a residential concept focused on the Dutch Caribbean islands. It stands for small-scale neighbourhoods in which diversity is encouraged. Families, singles, couples, people of age, with a disability or need for care are united in a casual way and look out for each other. A communal area and associated facilities – such as gardens, a food park, a community space or club house that connect the residents with each other and their environment. This is the place for spontaneous and organized meetings, for a chat, a cup of coffee and fun activities.

An inclusive neighbourhood

Unity in diversity also applies to the housing supply in a Carib Housing project. Small-scale combinations of sustainable rental and owner-occupied homes, life-resistant and care homes, and possible options for assisted independent living. In a Carib Housing project, you can and want to grow old together. You live there safely. There is togetherness and inclusivity. Neighbours look after each other and offer a helping hand.

Our Carib Housing projects

Merriment Green in Sint Maarten and Hofi Diamant in Aruba are currently Carib Housing projects. Carib Housings green community are not just a new-build plan with varied sustainable housing supply. It is a neighbourhood that conceals the Carib Housing concept. Curious? Take a look at the housing options listed here. 

Looking to the future

Carib Housing is a concept from Stichting Marlin Yard. In collaboration with HoomStreet, two projects have been developed based on this concept. In order to be able to realize this concept throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the coming years, Stichting Marlin Yard’s departments Carib Housing and HoomStreet seek partnership with other organisations to join forces.
Together we respond to the housing demand of diversity. This creates an eco-neighbourhood or hamlet with an open structure where residents are encouraged to be active outside, to garden and, if desired, to be there for each other. Loneliness is prevented and the elderly can live at home longer.

What encompasses Carib Housings hamlets as a hurricane and earthquake challenged green community in this modern time and era for young people, seniors and people with disabilities?

A Caring Eco Neighbourhood

At Carib Housing eco neighbourhoods people know each other and look after each other. Neighbours offer each other a helping hand, and if necessary, professional care is nearby. Housing supply is also in line with this small-scale combinations of owner-occupied homes, rental homes, life cycle homes and care homes with the option of assisted independent living.

Common green

The landscaping is also an explicit part of Carib Housing concept. Think of a food park, and a communal inner area with, among other things, an orchard. This communal greenery plays a connecting role between the residents. There is room for a community shed, vegetable garden, outdoor games and daytime activities. In this way we create a place where families, singles, seniors and people with disabilities can grow old together. This is what society needs.

Profitable investments

Carib Housing together with partners may have an ambitious plan and the prospects are endless. But it is our aim to keep a low threshold to make the investments profitable for everyone. It is important that the concept remains intact, and that everyone can still earn a living. A big advantage is that we can easily develop from small to large. We also take care of the landscape development and management, so that such costs remain within the community. ||
We are now ready to roll out a both projects in Sint Maarten and Aruba. It concerns ground-level and two-level tiny homes and tiny villas creatively and resourceful designed to maximize space and light. It is a mix of social rental, social housing, and owner-occupied homes in the middle segment. The project will have the appearance of a rural area, with modern Caribbean Tiny Houses and a yard that the residents manage jointly. For daytime activities on location, we are open to collaborations with Day Care institutions.

Eco Homes for purchase

All our Eco Homes are available to those:

  • who want to purchase a type and have it installed at their personally owned property.
  • who want to live at one of our developed Green Communities.  

The advantages of these new accommodations are:

  • All our Eco Homes are built out of modified shipping containers. 
  • They are modular, units can be extended and stacked.
  • They remain mobile, they can be relocated any time!
  • Great steel structures which makes fabricating a home fast and cheaper than conventional construction.
  • Earthquake and hurricane challenged and fire resistant.
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