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About Our Company

Back in 2010 Carib Housing started out as a project initiated by Marlin Yard Foundation. Carib Housing was to become a Caribbean Social Housing Platform to make the housing market in the Caribbean more transparent. Carib Housing online platform facilitated property owners and potential tenants to interact with each other.
Now after observing the past decade how much humanity contributed to creating imbalances in the natural ecosystems, Carib Housing shifted its focus on building and promoting green communities. More about green communities is explained throughout the website.
Together with partnering organizations Carib Housing will continue to promote the urgency to consider our environment and hope to cater to like-minded people who are looking to live in harmony with our ecosystems.

To date this platform core business is to display and promote affordable but sustainable built housing such as rental of apartments, subleases, rooms and houses for rent, commercial rentals, office locations, home swapping, homes for sale and the promotion of obtaining a spot at created Green Communities with Tiny Houses. We hope you will find your next dream home on Carib Housing.

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