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Info on Green Community Living
and Sign-up Form

Carib Housing stands for flexibility. We provide options to help make your eco home experience the best choice ever made to live sustainably and self-sufficiently. The eco homes at our Green Community sites have the option to be constructed to function on a:

  1. Grid-tied system: completely dependable on the utility company services.
  2. Hybrid system: be able to produce own energy but still dependable on the utility company services.
  3. Off-grid system: be completely dependable on own energy sources.

Eco homes based on the Hybrid or Off-grid system have the option to be furnished with renewable energy sources which are a windturbine combined with solar panels with a power wall battery for electricity storage, warm water boiler, biogas system, own waste water management system* and own waste management system* which is connected to the surrounded landscaped food garden.
[* It is a standard procedure for a new eco home to be hooked up to the generic community waste water management system and waste managemetn system of that Green Community. But we consider the customer’s wish to have an own system installed directly connected to the new eco home.]

Carib Housing Service Maintenance Program: Issues regarding roof, foundation, exterior plumbing, exterior electrical works and landscaping regarding your Tiny House will be maintained on an interval until the home is moved from Hofi Diamant Green Community location.

Service fee: To stall your eco home at the Green Community of choice it is mandatory to pay a monthly service fee. This fee is also used to maintain all property facilities and services such as the waste-management-system, waste-water-management system, exterior eco home maintenance, and garden service. The service fee starts at US$ 350.- per month and is prorated according to the size of the occupied eco home. The service fee is yearly indexed based on economic developments.

Logistic costs: Shipping and on location crane use are not included in the selling price. These costs will be quoted upon once an eco home is purchased.

Payment: All eco homes for residential use are for purchase. For this we have two payment options:
1. Phased payment plan
You purchase the eco home of your choice which will be constructed by HoomStreet and installed accordingly at the desired Green Community location. A 50% down payment is required, 40% before shipping/relocation, 10% upon delivery of the eco home.

2. Hire purchase
The eco home is hired with the option to purchase. A 60% down payment is required, the remaining amount is paid in monthly instalments together with the monthly service fee. The hirer becomes the owner of the eco home immediately after the last instalment is paid.

Location period contract term: The eco home location contract is valid for 7 years. Option for renewal is taken into consideration but depends on the waitlist with other potential Green Community inhabitants. Option for renewal also depends on your behavioural history and community track record.

Selling eco home to 3rd party: Once the eco home is paid in full you are free to sell the eco home to a 3rd party. It’s yours to sell. However the eco home temporary contract location is not for sale(!) If the sale takes place before or after the 7 years contract is finished then you are obligated to move the eco home from Carib Housings Green Community location.

Selling eco home back to Carib Housing: It is possible that you find yourself in a situation with a result that you have to sell your eco home. After a taxation procedure and based on mutual agreement Carib Housing is willing to buy back the eco home.

Selection procedure: Because of the limited spots we have put a selection procedure in place. Candidates who want to live at one of the Green Communities will undergo this selection procedure. Selection starts with filling out beneath form. Based on the filled out form you will be contacted either to schedule an appointment to continue your candidacy, or to be declined.

For more info have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page. Wishing you much success and who knows we could welcome you to our Green Community in Aruba or Sint Maarten.

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