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The Keys Market

Combine “hurricane-, earthquake challenged and fire-resistant construction” with the dogmas Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Repurpose. You will get The Keys Market, currently 1st and only Eco market concept to be developed on Sint Maarten. This neighborhood local market and food garden provides not only fresh produce, but has several local food selling eateries providing leisure activities, jobs and business opportunities.

Local Market

The Keys Markets location turns into an outdoor bazaar built out of recycled materials, which will sustain itself by reusing, re-purposing and recycling waste while becoming self-sufficient. It’s a location where the occasional and or frequent vendor can set up their mobile shop.  

This outdoor bazaar rents space to people who want to sell or barter merchandise. Used goods, low quality items, and high quality items such as collectibles and antiques are commonly sold. The market offers fresh produce, food and or baked goods, provisions and plants from local farms and vintage clothes. Renters of the market spots are called vendors. Market vendors will be doing business at a stall or under a tent or in an Eco Business Unit (EBU – modified shipping container).  

There is room for 40+ flexible market stalls and up to 14+ Food stalls for the Food Court section at this outdoor bazaar. Workshop activities in eco awareness will be made available to the public. Jobs and business opportunities in waste processing and upcycling will be created. 

The Keys Market will have its own  food source (aquaponics system and permaculture gardens) and own renewable energy sources providing own electricity, cooking gas, harvested rainwater. The market will also be supplied with island grown fruit, veggies, fish, meat cultivated from different districts and zones e.g. Sucker Garden, St. Peters, Betty’s Estate and more.

Vending sections

The Keys Market is divided in vending sections such as:

Adult and Children Clothing & Accessories

Food Court (*policy)

Art, Photography & Sculpture

Fresh Produce

Crafts & Knitwear

Recycled, Repurposed Furniture

Crafters – wood, leather, glass, metal

Health & Wellness



Decor, Homeware & Pottery

Plants & Flowers

Deli, Bread & Baked Goods

Children Toys, Activities

Further departments at The Keys Markets will be:

  • Outdoor Bar/Lounge
  • Public Restrooms
  • Kids Playground
  • First Aid- and Market Managers Office
  • Recyclables depot
  • Parking
  • Security patrol

We ask potential market vendors to make a choice in which section they would like to do business in.

More information on how to become a vendor and what type of Eco Business Units will be available to rent will be published soon here at Carib Housing. Stay tuned!